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[Video] Power of Indexing in PostgreSQL

The video of my presentation below walks you through ‘Indexing in PostgreSQL’ – a key component to database performance. This presentation covers the following topics: Various ways to access data in PostgreSQL Different types of indexes supported by PostgreSQL Internals of BTree and BRIN indexes Overview of GIN and GiST indexes How to find missing indexes […]


Two weeks back we discovered an ancient bug in PostgreSQL which may cause index corruption when index is built via CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY (aka CIC). All supported releases of PostgreSQL are affected by this bug. The bug could be a source of index corruption reports that we receive from the field once in awhile. Now […]


This technical blog explains how CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY (CIC) works and how it manages to avoid locking the table from updates. A unique distinguishing factor of CIC is that it can build a new index on the table, without blocking it from updates/inserts/deletes. But even before that, let’s understand how Heap-Only-Tuple (HOT) works. It was […]

Postgres-XL Scalability for Loading Data

In my last blog, we looked at the benchmark results from bulk load test for a Postgres-XL database cluster. Using a 16-datanode, 2-coordinator cluster, running on EC2 instances, we could easily clock 9M rows/sec or 3TB/hr of ingestion rate. That’s a significant number in itself. In this blog, we’ll see if the ingestion rate is […]

How will Postgres-XL exploit the Parallel Query Capabilities of PostgreSQL 9.6?

With PostgreSQL 9.6 now out, many of our users and customers are asking us about the plans for Postgres-XL 9.6. The new release of PostgreSQL implements some new features, especially around parallel query processing and many are interested to know when those capabilities will be available in Postgres-XL. Postgres-XL itself is a massively parallel processing system. […]

Postgres-XL 9.5r1.1 released

The Postgres-XL community has released a new version of the software, tagged as 9.5r1.1. This is a minor update to earlier 9.5r1 release, but contains some very important bug fixes. I would encourage everyone to immediately upgrade to this latest release. Being a minor release, you only need to download the latest sources from , […]