Support Portal

The Support Portal is where our customers experience 2ndQuadrant’s signature Support service. All customers are on-boarded via this Portal and, amongst many other benefits, they are able to:

  • Log tickets and securely share information such as technical documents, and facilitate the incident response process during support operations.
  • Securely access software developed and supported by 2ndQuadrant, using certified package repositories.
  • Access the Knowledge Base of technical content written by leading PostgreSQL experts from around the world.
  • Be the first alerted about PostgreSQL news through technical alerts, announcements, release updates, and more.

The Support Portal fully complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), granting full control of personal data to each user while ensuring its safety.

Developer Support

Not yet in production? Let the Professional PostgreSQL Support Team help you manage your database while you focus on application development.

PostgreSQL Developer Support from 2ndQuadrant offers direct support from experts for questions related to installation, usage, configuration, and management of PostgreSQL for non-production environments.

It is a flexible, short-term solution that lets you optimize time and resources during development stages and provides your company with the confidence that should an issue arise, it will be resolved quickly and accurately by PostgreSQL experts. Additionally, you will receive recommendations for your database system based on industry best practices, database optimization, and how to best avoid any pitfalls.

2ndQuadrant 24/7 Production Support Plans

Diamond and Platinum Support plans guarantee fast response and resolution times. All critical situations are handled in real time by globally recognized PostgreSQL experts.

The Diamond plan exclusively offers support for Advanced Clustering & Scaling for PostgreSQL using BDR. The Gold Production Support Plan is tailored for organizations that are looking for guaranteed response times, resolution goals, and bug fixes – but are not critically bound by time. The Gold plan is available in English and Spanish.

BDR Support

Response Time*

Escalation Time*

Bug Fix*

Diamond Plan
15 Minutes
30 Minutes
24 Hours
Platinum Plan
15 Minutes
30 Minutes
24 Hours
Gold Plan
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
Resolution GoalWithin 48 Hours

* for Severity Level 1

Knowledge Base

Case Studies

Customer Experience with 24/7 PostgreSQL Support
2ndQuadrant provides professional PostgreSQL Support to companies all over the world. Learn more about how 2ndQuadrant Support benefits customers below.

Animal Logic Case Study

Global award-winning digital creative studio Animal Logic uses Multi-Master replication technology for their custom production workflow system. The company uses BDR and 2ndQuadrant Support for their studios based in 2 different continents.

Met Office Case Study

The UK-based global leader in weather and climate science chose 2ndQuadrant Support to reinforce the efficient utilization of some of the most powerful computing technology available.

Whitepaper: The Business Case for Support

This whitepaper discusses the importance of professional support for mission-critical PostgreSQL database systems. Learn how PostgreSQL Support will reduce business cost, save you from known pitfalls, help you scale, distribute your data, and what to look for in PostgreSQL Support companies.

The Business Case for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is highly suited to support enterprise databases across all industry verticals including financial services, healthcare, government, and more. Learn how PostgreSQL can benefit your business and be tailored to your specific business requirements.