Barman - Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL

Barman allows your company to implement disaster recovery solutions for PostgreSQL databases with high requirements of business continuity. Taking an online hot backup of PostgreSQL is now as easy as ordering a good espresso coffee.


(Barman v2.3 released - September 5, 2017)

You can download Barman from:

Documentation is available here:

You can view detailed release notes here:

About Barman

Barman (Backup and Recovery Manager) is an open-source administration tool for disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers written in Python. It allows your organization to perform remote backups of multiple servers in business critical environments and help DBAs during the recovery phase.


The main features of Barman are:

  • Parallel backup and recovery support
  • Support custom WAL size for PostgreSQL 8.4 and newer
  • Improve check command
  • Added external_configuration to backup_options
  • Full hot physical backup of a PostgreSQL server
  • Management of multiple PostgreSQL servers
  • Remote and local recovery of a backup for a PostgreSQL server
  • ssh support for remote operations
  • Server status and information
  • Incremental backup
  • Management of retention policies for backups and WAL files
  • Compression of WAL files (bzip2, gzip or custom)
  • Integration with standard archiving tools (e.g. tar)
  • Pre/Post backup hook scripts
  • Local storage of metadata
  • Point-In-Time-Recovery (PITR)
  • Remote backup of a PostgreSQL server (including a 9.2+ standby server)
  • Management of base backups and WAL files through a catalogue
  • A simple INI configuration file
  • Totally written in Python
  • Relocation of PGDATA and tablespaces at recovery time
  • General and disk usage information of backups
  • Server diagnostics for backup
  • rsync over ssh support for file synchronisation and transfers


For more information, please visit the Barman website at:

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