Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Break free from vendor lock-in!

Are you sick of footing unbelievably large bills for Oracle licensing and looking for viable alternatives? You're definitely not alone! There is good news... PostgreSQL is a very viable alternative to Oracle and 2ndQuadrant is committed to supporting you through your migration journey and beyond.

Migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL

Contrary to popular belief, migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL is only about as expensive as upgrading from one Oracle major version to the next. Both databases are ANSI compliant so lots of stuff just works on either database. For the remainder that doesn’t, we’ve got time-tested solutions. 

Tools we use for Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Our efforts with our customers looking to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL are supplemented by powerful tools we have developed inhouse. We use these tools to seamlessly shift our customers to 100% open source PostgreSQL with no vendor lock-in. Making the process automated, these tools help speed up the migration efforts considerably. 

PL/Translate - Translate PL/SQL to PL/pgSQL

PL/Translate is an advanced code translator for Oracle PL/SQL to Postgres PL/pgSQL (think ‘Google Translate’ for databases!), which is the missing part of the puzzle for quickly and cheaply migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL. We believe in ‘code translation’ not ‘code emulation’. 

ORQ - Replication from Oracle to PostgreSQL

ORQ implements powerful replication from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Whether you want to set up PostgreSQL as your standby server, or you want to use it as your Analytics database, ORQ implements efficient replication keeping your PostgreSQL instance in sync with your Oracle instance. 

Fastloader - COPY from Oracle to PostgreSQL

A PostgreSQL extension containing some Oracle connection functions. It includes an SQL function that allows you to specify all the same options as a COPY statement, as well as connection details to Oracle. Data is streamed back to PostgreSQL using OCI connection, at speeds of up to 2x the speed of the COPY command. 

What will it take to Migrate?

2ndQuadrant provides a Migration Assessment Service to evaluate your database prior to the initiation of a database migration. This allows us to provide an accurate idea upfront of what will be required to ensure a smooth transition without loss of data, unplanned downtime, or unexpected expenses.

Learn more about what's included in your database migration assessment.

Our Consultants - The best that you can get

Seasoned, professionals, well-versed with both Oracle and PostgreSQL, our consultants are the ones who developed the tools listed above based on their years of experience working with customers to get them out of their Oracle quagmire. Anything that can not be automated, our consultants will take care of it. And before they start working on your database, they will provide you with a detailed assessment so you have an idea of the level of effort you should be expecting for the migration process. 

Our Value Proposition

Vendor lock-in is never desirable for any organization, and if the lock-in is for a critical infrastructure component like your database, it can induce a huge financial drain on your organization. We propose that you move to an open source solution, a solution trusted globally and developed by a vibrant community that is focused on making it more and more powerful with every release. We propose that you move to PostgreSQL, which is free forever for unlimited usage

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