Looking forward to PGConf India 2017

It has taken a lot of planning and efforts, but I’m happy to see that PGConf India 2017 is coming along very well and promises to be a great event. This is our third year in a row in Bengaluru, but there are many distinguishing factors that make this year stand out:

  1. For the first time, we’re having a dedicated training day ahead of the main conference. All seats for the trainings are sold out and we had to turn away many interested folks.
  2. For the first time, we’re having a multi-track conference.
  3. And for the first time, we’ve crossed 225 conference delegate registrations, and there are still a few days left.

When we started planning for the conference, we were a bit nervous about whether we could get a good response to the training programme, but we’re almost stumped by the positive response we’ve received. It clearly shows PostgreSQL’s growing popularity and how companies and developers are adopting this technology.

The keynote this year will be delivered by Simon Riggs. He will share his thoughts on why “Persistence” is “Key to PostgreSQL’s Success“. Other than that, there are several topics which will interest developers and administrators, as well as IT managers. So if you want to know how to extract maximum performance from your PostgreSQL database or how to port from Oracle to PostgreSQL or want to know more about parallel query processing, then you must attend the conference. You’ll get to hear from not only some of the best developers, but also some very interesting case studies from real users of the database.

What started as a small meetup of interested folks 4 years back has now turned into a full scale conference with a large venue, great sponsors and amazing list of speakers.

Visit the conference website to know more details or contact the organisers at [email protected] See you at the conference.

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