Postgres-XL 9.5r1.1 released

The Postgres-XL community has released a new version of the software, tagged as 9.5r1.1. This is a minor update to earlier 9.5r1 release, but contains some very important bug fixes. I would encourage everyone to immediately upgrade to this latest release. Being a minor release, you only need to download the latest sources from , compile, install new binaries and restart your servers.

Major Improvements

This release is fully caught up with the latest PostgreSQL 9.5 minor release i.e. it includes all bug fixes from PostgreSQL 9.5.3 version, also released today. List of important bug fixes in PostgreSQL 9.5.3 can be found here. Apart from that, it contains following important bug fixes:

  1. Fix a nasty bug in CLOG and Subtrans Log management which may lead to severe data corruption.
  2. Add a refcount mechanism to Shared Queue management.
  3. Configuration parameter shared_queue_size now refers to per datanode setting.
  4. Configuration parameter shared_queues is now set to minimum of 1/4th of max_connections.
  5. Fix a memory leak in GTM proxy.
  6. Add a mechanism to selectively refresh pooler information when only host/port information of a node is changed.
  7. Properly deallocate prepared statements from the datanodes.

Those upgrading from Postgres-XL 9.5r1 should take into consideration the changes made to shared_queue_size and shared_queues configuration parameters and adjust their values accordingly.

Please refer to the release notes from more details explanation.

As always, please report bug reports to [email protected] and direct your questions/comments at [email protected] Keep contributing to make Postgres-XL a better product with every passing day. Enjoy!

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