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What’s New?

Whitepaper: PostgreSQL Security Best Practices

This whitepaper will give you a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of PostgreSQL database security.

Webinar: PostgreSQL Partitioning

Simon Riggs gives an overview of PostgreSQL Partitioning & how it plays a key role in performance improvement of large databases.

Now Available for PostgreSQL 12

New update to Postgres Installer now supports PostgreSQL 12 along with important security & features updates.

Our Products

pglogical postgreSQL extensionpglogical is a logical replication system implemented entirely as a PostgreSQL extension. This alternative to physical replication is an efficient method of replicating data using a publish/subscribe model for selective replication.

repmgr PostgreSQL tool, repmgr PostgreSQL replication and failover management toolrepmgr is a tool for PostgreSQL replication and failover management. repmgr simplifies administration and daily management, enhances productivity and complements built-in replication capabilities in PostgreSQL.

2ndQPostgres Enterprise grade PostgreSQL by 2ndQuadrant, PostgreSQL Enterprise grade services by 2ndQuadrant2ndQPostgres is an enterprise version of PostgreSQL. It includes carefully selected, quality- assured features prior to integration into communityPostgreSQL. These features maintain binary and on-disk compatibility.

OmniDB open source database management toolOmniDB is an interactive and powerful, yet lightweight, browser-based database management tool. OmniDB allows users to manage multiple databases in a unified workspace.