I am Developer! (And You Can Too!)

A while back, 2ndQuadrant notified a few of us that we should get more involved in Postgres Development in some capacity. Being as I’ve essentially fallen off the map in corresponding with the mailing lists in general, it would be a good way to get back into the habit. But wait! Don’t we want more […]

PostgreSQL 10 Roadmap

At the PostgreSQL developer meeting we discussed putting up everybody’s roadmap projects in one place:

Visual PostgreSQL debugging

Having recently been doing some debugging work where many watchpoints, conditional breakpoints etc were necessary I’d like to shout out to a really useful tool: The standalone CDT debugger. It’s part of the Eclipse project, but before you run screaming – it doesn’t require project setup or anything and it serves as a good GUI […]

Column Store Plans

Over at pgsql-general, Bráulio Bhavamitra asks: I wonder if there is any plans to move postgresql entirely to a columnar store (or at least make it an option), maybe for version 10? This is a pretty interesting question. Completely replacing the current row-based store wouldn’t be a good idea: it has served us extremely well […]

Managing a PostgreSQL Commitfest

If you’ve been following PostgreSQL development for the last few years, you’ve probably heard the term commitfest manager a few times.  You probably already know what a commitfest is, but why is there a manager? Since I spent a good deal of time this past January managing one, I’ll explain. At its heart, a PostgreSQL […]

Compiling and debugging PostgreSQL’s PgJDBC under Eclipse

I’ve always worked on PgJDBC, the JDBC Type 4 driver for PostgreSQL, with just a terminal, ant and vim. I recently had occasion to do some PgJDBC debugging work on Windows specifics so I set up Eclipse to avoid having to work on the Windows command prompt. As the process isn’t completely obvious, here’s how […]

Compiling PostgreSQL extensions with Visual Studio on Windows

I’ve seen a number of users struggling with building PostgreSQL extensions under Visual Studio, so I thought I’d see what’s involved in getting it working. The result is this tutorial, showing how to compile a simple extension with Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition. Requirements You will need a supported version of Visual Studio installed. These […]

Postgres and devops: testing 9.3 with Vagrant and Puppet – part two

In a previous blog post, I have gone through the steps of setting up a basic CentOS 6.4 64bit Linux distribution using Vagrant on your Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Linux. We will continue digging in the devops culture/movement and finally setup PostgreSQL 9.3 using Puppet in a local virtual machine.

Testing new PostgreSQL versions without messing up your existing install

People are often hesitant to test out a new PostgreSQL release because they’re concerned it’ll break their current working installation. This is a perfectly valid concern, but it’s easily resolved with a few simple protective measures: Build PostgreSQL from source as an unprivileged user Install your PostgreSQL build within that user’s home directory Run PostgreSQL […]

PostgreSQL 9.3 development: Array ELEMENT Foreign Keys

As my French colleague Dimitri Fontaine was pointing out a few days ago, PostgreSQL 9.2 is out. This is another great release for PostgreSQL, but we are already ahead in the development of the next release: PostgreSQL 9.3. The Italian team of 2ndQuadrant has been working since last year on adding a new feature to […]