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Postgres-XL 9.5r1 has finally arrived!

After months of efforts, I’m pleased that Postgres-XL 9.5r1 is seeing the daylight. It has been tremendous collective efforts by many, both inside and outside 2ndQuadrant. Often it’s not visible via commit history or mailing list communications, but I must admit that many folks have contributed in making this grand release. Contributors who wrote code […]

Postgres-XL 9.5R1Beta2 Released!

The Postgres-XL 9.5R1Beta2 release went out yesterday. It’s another step forward to have a stable 9.5 release sometime very soon. A few key enhancements from the last beta release are captured in this blog. For the full list, I would recommend to read the release notes. Support for binary data transfer for JDBC and libpq If […]

Sharding: Bringing back Postgres-XL technology into core PostgreSQL

Sharding or horizontal scalability is a popular topic, discussed widely on PostgreSQL mailing lists these days. When we started the Postgres-XC project back in 2010, not everyone was convinced that we need a multi-node PostgreSQL cluster that scales with increasing demand. Even more likely, we, the PostgreSQL community, were skeptical about whether we have enough […]

Postgres-XL 9.5R1Beta1 is here!

I’m extremely pleased to see that after months of efforts and contributions by different people around the world, Postgres-XL 9.5 R1 Beta1 has finally arrived. This release is significantly better, in all respects such as performance, stability and high availability, as compared to the past release. Enormous amount of work has gone into PostgreSQL in the […]

Looking forward to PGDay India 2016

With just couple of weeks to go for PGDay India, I’m quite excited about the upcoming PostgreSQL conference at Bangalore on 26th February, 2016. This is going to be the biggest ever conglomeration of users, developers and companies interested in PostgreSQL in India. This is also by far the largest PostgreSQL conference in terms of number […]

Performance of Sequences and Serials in Postgres-XL

In Postgres-XL, sequences are maintained at the Global Transaction Manager (GTM) to ensure that they are assigned non-conflicting values when they are incremented from multiple nodes. This adds significant overhead for a query doing thousands of INSERTs in a table with a serial column, incrementing sequence one at a time and making a network roundtrip […]