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I just committed a patch by Pavel Stěhule that adds the XMLTABLE functionality to PostgreSQL 10.  XMLTABLE is a very useful feature dictated by the SQL/XML standard, that lets you turn your XML data into relational form, so that you can mix it with the rest of your relational data. This feature has many uses; keep reading for […]

Column Store Plans

Over at pgsql-general, Bráulio Bhavamitra asks: I wonder if there is any plans to move postgresql entirely to a columnar store (or at least make it an option), maybe for version 10? This is a pretty interesting question. Completely replacing the current row-based store wouldn’t be a good idea: it has served us extremely well […]

Code coverage stats

Many years ago, Michelle Caise submitted a patch to generate code coverage reports for the PostgreSQL code base, based on the lcov utility. Although I cannot find any record of an actual patch in the mailing list archives, Peter Eisentraut committed it some time later, and applied further refinements later. Today I’m announcing a new […]

Managing a PostgreSQL Commitfest

If you’ve been following PostgreSQL development for the last few years, you’ve probably heard the term commitfest manager a few times.  You probably already know what a commitfest is, but why is there a manager? Since I spent a good deal of time this past January managing one, I’ll explain. At its heart, a PostgreSQL […]