PGDay Down Under 2018

After the success of last year’s event, the second PGDay held in Australia, we’re back this year with PGDay Down Under. The name “Down Under” refers to Australia and New Zealand, due to the fact these countries are located in the lower latitudes of the southern hemisphere. The conference is a one-day community event organized by […]

Schedule is live for pgDay Paris 2017 on March 23!

pgDay Paris 2017 is the third annual one-day, one-track PostgreSQL conference, held in Paris, France. The schedule is live! This year, all presentations are in English in order to bring the very best of the international community to Paris and to show how PostgreSQL is used around the globe. Here is what you’ll see at pgDay […]

pgDay 2017 à Paris: conférence PostgreSQL internationale

Un événement communautaire Cette année encore 2ndQuadrant aide la communauté PostgreSQL en France en étant Partenaire du pgDay 2017 à Paris Cette journée de conférences, en anglais exclusivement, est une opportunité unique d’en apprendre plus sur le fonctionnement et l’activité de PostgreSQL. Sécurité, benchmarks, supervision, roadmap pour la version 10, réplication, … de nombreux sujets, […]

Looking forward to PGDay India 2016

With just couple of weeks to go for PGDay India, I’m quite excited about the upcoming PostgreSQL conference at Bangalore on 26th February, 2016. This is going to be the biggest ever conglomeration of users, developers and companies interested in PostgreSQL in India. This is also by far the largest PostgreSQL conference in terms of number […]

Italian PGDay, eighth edition: over 120 attendees!

November 7th 2014 was the eighth Italian PostgreSQL Day, the national event dedicated to the promotion of the world’s most advanced open source database. The Italian edition is one of the most enduring in the whole Postgres community (the first one took place in July 2007) and the results of the activity of a very […]

Submit your talk for PGDay.IT

The sixth edition of the Italian PGDay will be held in Prato on November 23 in the historical location of the Monash University Centre. The call for papers has officially been opened today. International speakers are most welcome.

Call for papers for PGDay.IT 2011 has been extended

The Call for Papers for the Italian PGDay has been extended of a week. The new deadline for submitting a paper is October 23.

Early bird registrations open for PGDay.IT 2011

The Italian PGDay 2011 will take place in Prato, on Friday November 25th, at the Monash University Prato Centre. Exactly, where it all started.The event, organised by the Italian PostgreSQL Users Group, will be a great chance for both Italian and European members of the PostgreSQL community to gather together and to promote PostgreSQL.