Schedule is live for pgDay Paris 2017 on March 23!

pgDay Paris 2017 is the third annual one-day, one-track PostgreSQL conference, held in Paris, France. The schedule is live!

This year, all presentations are in English in order to bring the very best of the international community to Paris and to show how PostgreSQL is used around the globe.

Here is what you’ll see at pgDay Paris 2017:Schedule pgDay Paris 2017

  • A PostgreSQL DBAs Toolbelt for 2017 by Kaarel Moppel, a consultant from Austrian PostgreSQL company Cybertec, takes us on a tour of handy tools and scripts that every DBA should know about.
  • Corruption War Stories by Christophe Pettus, CEO of American company PostgreSQL Experts, shares with us his experiences with data corruption and how he was able to overcome it.
  • Can’t imagine what a newbie can do with PostgreSQL on Linux in a month by Sylvie Aune, from SA InfoConsulting, shows us how easy getting up to speed with PostgreSQL can be. A must-see for newbies!
  • Measuring and Reducing PostgreSQL Transaction Latency by Fabien Coehlo, a professor at L’École des Mines de Paris, walks us through transaction latency causes and solutions.
  • A look at the Elephants trunk – PostgreSQL 10 by Magnus Hagander, member of the PostgreSQL Core Team, code committer, and president of PostgreSQL Europe, highlights all the new features of the upcoming version 10.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring with Postgres by Steven Simpson, a software engineer at StackHPC, questions the need for “specialized” databases and demonstrates that a single PostgreSQL instance is capable of handling large amounts of data.
  • MLS PostgreSQL – Implementing Multi-level Security in PostgreSQL with RLS and SELinux by Joe Conway, VP of PostgreSQL Engineering at American company Crunchy Data Solutions and code committer, breaks down how to properly secure your PostgreSQL installation from top to bottom.
  • Replication & Recovery in PostgreSQL 10.0 by Simon Riggs, CTO of international company 2ndQuadrant and code committer, unveils the much anticipated new logical replication.

See full descriptions of both the presentations and the speakers on the website, and don’t forget to register!

There will also be an hallway track where you get to meet and talk to both PostgreSQL experts and users!

Want to know more about this great event ?

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