Looking forward to PGDay India 2016

With just couple of weeks to go for PGDay India, I’m quite excited about the upcoming PostgreSQL conference at Bangalore on 26th February, 2016. This is going to be the biggest ever conglomeration of users, developers and companies interested in PostgreSQL in India. This is also by far the largest PostgreSQL conference in terms of number of speakers and attendees. Till last year, we’d to almost find speakers for the conference, but this year we’d a good problem of rejecting almost 1 in every 2 submitted proposals. It’s almost certain that in coming years, we either have to do multiple-track or multiple-day event. Again, a nice to have problem.

For the first time, we are looking to easily cross 100 mark in terms of attendees. We have secured 3 Platinum Sponsors, 2 Gold Sponsors, 1 Silver Sponsor and a media partner. All these things clearly indicate a fast growing community of users and developers in India. The conference will see representation from many companies, including Government organizations. Again, a solid demonstration of the reach of this fantastic open source database technology.

From 2ndQuadrant’s perspective, we are sponsoring the event at the highest level, showing our commitment to the adoption of PostgreSQL and our interest in this fast growing market. Abhijit Menon-Sen will speak about “VACUUM Internals” and I’ll do a talk on “What’s New in Postgres-XL 9.5”. I’ve worked very hard to improve Postgres-XL in the last few months and catching it up with the latest release of PostgreSQL, I’m quite excited to talk about the work we have done on this release. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I sincerely hope that Postgres-XL 9.5 Beta will be out before the conference.

So if you are a PostgreSQL user or a developer or just an IT enthusiast wanting to know about the technology, this is a great opportunity for you to learn from other users and hear from some of the finest developers of the technology. Visit PGDay.in for more details.

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