PGConf India 2017 – An Event to Remember

Yet another edition of PGConf India came to conclusion in early March. You may have noticed the change from PGDay to PGConf, which signals a much larger gathering of PostgreSQL enthusiasts, now and in future. What started as a small meet-up of like minded people 4 years back, has now grown into a 2-day conference […]

Looking forward to PGConf India 2017

It has taken a lot of planning and efforts, but I’m happy to see that PGConf India 2017 is coming along very well and promises to be a great event. This is our third year in a row in Bengaluru, but there are many distinguishing factors that make this year stand out: For the first […]

My “top 5” for in Prague

I have just returned from the breath-taking Prague for the 5th edition of the European conference of PostgreSQL, now called The “baby” once called PGDay has now grown into a 4 day conference with training, talks and social events.

Spring 2011 PostgreSQL Conferences, US/Canada

This week’s water falling from the skies isn’t turning into snow.  And on days when it’s clear, my car is covered with tree pollen.  While they means something different to most people, to me these are the signs that the spring conference season is about to start.  There’s a conference in North America during each […]