Enterprise Support – The final hurdle for PostgreSQL?

It’s been an interesting 9 months for me personally, joining the 2ndQuadrant team in April 2013 to lead marketing. I’ve been particularly impressed by the quality and skills of the people I’ve met – not just from 2ndQuadrant but also the Postgres Community, from many countries around the world. Of course what has also impressed […]

EuroPython 2011: “The Python and the Elephant”

During EuroPython 2011, the major annual event for Python developers and users in Europe, 2ndQuadrant will deliver a special hands-on training session entitled “The Python and the Elephant“.This 4-hour workshop will take place on Thursday June 23 and will cover the two main techniques for writing applications in Python for PostgreSQL: standard client applications using […]

How not to build PostgreSQL 9.0 extensions on RPM platforms

For a long time, adding packages to RedHat derived Linux systems has been called “RPM Hell”, for good reason.  Particularly before the yum utility came about to help, getting RPM to do the right thing has often been a troublesome task.  I was reminded of this again today, while trying to compile a PostgreSQL extension […]

Easier PostgreSQL 9.0 clusters with repmgr

When PostgreSQL 9.0 shipped a few months ago, it included several new replication features. It’s obvious that you can use these features to build clusters of servers for both high availability and read query scaling purposes. What hasn’t been so obvious is how to manage that cluster easily. Getting a number of nodes installed and […]

2ndQuadrant US Launch Party – February 12 New York City – Canceled

Due to the weather related travel issues this week, the launch party we had planned for this Friday has been canceled.

Hot Standby User Group (online) – 13 Jan at 1600UTC

Come on-line and discuss the features set of Hot Standby for PostgreSQL 8.5. Meeting is for anybody planning to actively use the Hot Standby in the next main release of PostgreSQL. Major focus is on providing user feedback direct to developers to guide the final weeks of development before we go into Beta.

2ndQuadrant Italia supports students affected by L’Aquila earthquakes

After the earthquake that shook the city of L’Aquila and the entire Abruzzo region, 2ndQuadrant Italia is pleased to announce the signing of a collaborative agreement with the University of L’Aquila.