EuroPython 2011: “The Python and the Elephant”

During EuroPython 2011, the major annual event for Python developers and
users in Europe, 2ndQuadrant will deliver a special hands-on training
session entitled “The Python and the Elephant”.
This 4-hour workshop
will take place on Thursday June 23 and will cover the two main
techniques for writing applications in Python for PostgreSQL: standard
client applications using PsycoPG or internal extensions using the
PL/Python language for stored procedures.

The special fee for the workshop is 100 euro per person. The number of seats is
limited and participation is reserved to EuroPython ticket holders.
Registration is available through the EuroPython website.

“The Python and the Elephant” will be delivered by 2ndQuadrant’s
PostgreSQL experts Gabriele Bartolini, Peter Geoghegan, Harald Armin
Massa and Marco Nenciarini.

2ndQuadrant is a Platinum Sponsor of PostgreSQL and forms the largest
single group of PostgreSQL contributors, contributing and maintaining
high availability and performance features in core PostgreSQL, and
associated satellite projects.

2ndQuadrant is a sponsor of EuroPython 2011, which will take place in
Florence, Italy from June 20 to June 26 2011.

For more information:

– 2ndQuadrant website:

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