FLOSS UK Spring Conference

Floss UK Spring conference will be held on 15th-17th of March in London.


The conference is the UK’s oldest conference aimed specifically at systems and network administrators. It attracts a large number of professionals from sites of all shapes and sizes. As well as the technical talks, the conference provides a friendly environment for delegates to meet, learn, and enjoy lively debate on a host of subjects.


FLOSS UK is the name for UK’s oldest open systems user group. On their website they define themselves like below:

FLOSS UK is for people who care about open IT standards and the systems that implement them. We therefore promote the use of open standards across all technological fields. We encompass hardware, software, data and connected disciplines; our favourite tag line is ‘free and open technology’.

Spring Conference

Petr Jelinek from 2ndQuadrant will give a talk about “Logical Replication in PostgreSQL” on 16th of March between 11:30-12:20.

You can check the conference schedule and still register!

In his talk, Petr will describe the current state of the pglogical project which recently became public. He will cover use-cases that work well already, what are the limitations and the future roadmap. If you’re interested in PostgreSQL replication, you should attend his talk!

Here is a sneak peek of his talk:

“While the physical replication in PostgreSQL works well and has good performance, there are many use-cases where it is not good fit. This mainly includes cases when only partial replication is needed, when multiple databases need to be replicated to the same target, transformation of the data is needed or replication between different versions of PostgreSQL for upgrading without downtime. These use-cases can be solved by logical replication. The traditional logical replication solutions for PostgreSQL are based on triggers which results in high impact on the write performance. That’s why we developed pglogical which is based on logical decoding of the write ahead log thus having minimal impact on the performance of the source database.”

What is pglogical?

pglogical is a logical replication system implemented entirely as a PostgreSQL extension. Fully integrated, it requires no triggers or external programs. This alternative to physical replication is a highly efficient method of replicating data using a publish/subscribe model for selective replication.

For more information

You can visit our page about pglogical : https://www.2ndquadrant.com/resources/pglogical/

You can read some of our blog posts related with logical replication and pglogical:

Happy readings!

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