CHAR (16) – Another conference on the horizon but with a focus on business


The PostgreSQL user community is becoming spoilt with a choice of excellent events organized by both local user groups and commercial organizations supporting the PostgreSQL project.  And amongst the events taking place in December, the one you definitely shouldn’t miss attending is CHAR(16).

CHAR(16): Scalability for Business’ is intended to fulfill a different requirement – different to the many excellent PostgreSQL related events we attend and support. Different because we’ve set out to organize a conference that is business focused and specifically we want to highlight the impact the PostgreSQL Development Group is making on database scalability for enterprises, addressing the need to scale.

The need to scale databases is probably high on most technical departments’ priority list and this is an area of focus for us at 2ndQuadrant. We’ve invested significant budget and resources on the development of solutions for both scaling up and scaling out over past few years.

CHAR(16) is a technical conference but we’re pushing the agenda away from normal ‘technology update’ talks. Instead we’ll discuss and debate the needs of modern enterprises and the role we can all play in addressing those needs. It’s why we’ve themed the conference ‘Scalability for Business’.

To bring this theme to life, we’ve assembled some of the best subject matter experts from a diversity of specialties to present at CHAR(16).  These include:

  • Microservices & Data Integration, presented by Petr Jelinek.
  • Scaling for Peak Workload, presented by Peter Eisentraut.
  • Will your app scale? Presented by Simon Riggs.
  • Cross-Regional Business Continuity, presented by Gianni Ciolli
  • Parallel Data Mining, presented by Pavan Deolasee.
  • Enterprise Data Architecture with PostgreSQL, presented by Kevin Kempter

Take a look at the agenda at CHAR(16) in more detail and you’ll find all of the presentations take on a mission to look at the impact on business through technical innovations.

Along with several guest speakers and a panel discussion,  CHAR(16) is a great opportunity to come together and talk about some of the demands from business that database engineers are expected to address.

If you have leadership responsibilities and business change is included in those responsibilities, CHAR(16) is a must attend conference for you. Taking place on December 6th in New York City, the team has also organized a training track (taking place on the 7th) for anyone wanting to gain practical skills in three areas: PostgreSQL Replication & Upgrades,  PostgreSQL Performance Tuning, and Postgres-XL.

Get a $50 discount on tickets.
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CHAR(16) will be a great conference I have no doubt. More importantly, our goal of discussing the very real impact innovations in scaling are making on business is a fascinating topic, especially for anyone in a leadership role who wants to accelerate their knowledge of the possibilities.

CHAR(16): December 6, 2016,  The Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City
CHAR(16) Training: December 7,  The Hotel Pennsylvania 2016, New York City

Reserve your place at CHAR(16).



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