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PG10 at the London PostgreSQL Meetup

We recently hosted the London PostgreSQL Meetup at a new location in Covent Garden. Room was great and its about 100m from Leicester Square tube, so very centrally located and easy to get to. http://www.meetup.com/London-PostgreSQL-Meetup-Group/ I’ve been the organizer of the group for more than 6 years now, in my role as the PostgreSQL Project’s […]

News and Roadmap for BDR (Multi-master PostgreSQL)

Postgres-BDR is an open source project from 2ndQuadrant that provides multi-master features for PostgreSQL. We have pursued a joint strategy of providing both working code available now and also submitting the features into core PostgreSQL. Postgres-BDR 1.0 runs on a variant distro of PG9.4. This is in Production now and receives regular maintenance and security […]

PostgreSQL Popularity Continues to Grow!

Some years ago, I prophesized that PostgreSQL would win in the end, and that we would be able to tell because there would be “Microsoft PostgreSQL”. I am happy to report that has now happened. Microsoft PostgreSQL database service on Azure was announced recently. Of course, that was just a metaphor for “a.n.other big company”, […]

PgDay Paris 2017

Great conference! Paris is a great venue for travellers across Europe and worldwide. PgDay Paris 2017 was held in English and attracted a wide audience from many other countries: UK, NL, CH, BE, US, SE – and that was just the people I spoke to. Je suis desolee ne parler ou ecrit pas en francais. […]

Dataloss at GitLab

GitLab, thanks for using PostgreSQL 9.6 and its replication and backup facilities. We’re sorry that you lost your database: http://about.gitlab.com/2017/02/01/gitlab-dot-com-database-incident/ Thank you for posting this publicly to allow us to comment on this for your postmortem analysis. I’m very happy that you monitor Replication Lag, that is good. Replication lag of 4GB is at times […]

What does pg_start_backup() do?

Reading mailing lists can damage your health, as I recently discovered on the PostgreSQL Performance list where backup was being discussed. First off, don’t read blogs for finding out critical pieces of info. Read the docs because they are accurate, fully reviewed and well maintained. I should add that I was the initial author of […]

CHAR16 Conf Panel Video

CHAR(16) Conference was a live conference in NYC held on 6 Dec 2016, focusing on Scalability for Business. The Speaker Panel was recorded, so you can find out what happened here: http://youtu.be/eLjBoZr4dTc (1 hour) Eric David Benari hosted an hour long “chat show” format, featuring Mason Sharp Petr Jelinek Peter Eisentraut Simon Riggs Jonathan Katz […]

CHAR(16) Scalability for Business

CHAR(16) Conference (now known as 2QPGConf) on Scalability for Business went very well in the heart of New York City. Hotel Pennsylvania was a great venue; convenient for travel and a great conference venue with coffee, food and evening drinks. Jonathan Katz was great as MC for the conference, while Eric David Benari did a great job […]

Avoiding Disasters in New York

What to do when disaster strikes… (various topics) King Kong attacks! Lure up tall building and attack with biplanes Godzilla’s eggs hatch Team up with European Special Forces operative to escape, then call in airstrike on Madison Square Gardens Watch the Rangers lose at home (same as above) Global Warming descends quickly Stay holed up […]