CHAR(16) Scalability for Business

char16CHAR(16) Conference (now known as 2QPGConf) on Scalability for Business went very well in the heart of New York City.

Hotel Pennsylvania was a great venue; convenient for travel and a great conference venue with coffee, food and evening drinks.

Jonathan Katz was great as MC for the conference, while Eric David Benari did a great job of hosting the Speaker Panel and keeping everybody on their toes with surprising and revealing questions. We’ll be posting the video for that sometime soon.

All the presentations were well received and the room was full all day long. Corridor feedback was that the speakers were good and the content was “dense” and very much in line with the specialised nature of the conference. Many good detailed questions after each talk, always a good sign people are tuned in.

Thanks to everybody that contributed, sponsored or attended. See you again soon. Go Postgres!



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