Avoiding Disasters in New York

What to do when disaster strikes… (various topics)

King Kong attacks!
Lure up tall building and attack with biplanes

Godzilla’s eggs hatch
Team up with European Special Forces operative to escape, then call in airstrike on Madison Square Gardens

Watch the Rangers lose at home
(same as above)

Global Warming descends quickly
Stay holed up in Public Library, burn copies of “MySQL In 32 Days” to stay warm

Assault on Precinct 13
Write memo to boss about false economy of staying in cheaper neighbourhoods

Alien mothership hovers over city
Rousing speech about the dangers of NoSQL… “…won’t go quietly into the night…”, “…fight them on the beaches…” etc; wait for aliens to die from fatal flaws in their technology

Lose database servers in both Availability Zones
Failover using cross-regional asynchronous streaming replication, or
wait for your 10% usage credit to be applied because of downtime

Fail to consider all scalability & replication options
Attend CHAR(16) conference on Tues 6 Dec in Manhattan, buying ticket on arrival. @CHAR16_Conf

Fail to take backup
Blame data loss on Electromagnetic Pulse from Alien Mothership; look for another job

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