PgDay Paris 2017

Great conference! Paris is a great venue for travellers across Europe and worldwide. PgDay Paris 2017 was held in English and attracted a wide audience from many other countries: UK, NL, CH, BE, US, SE – and that was just the people I spoke to.

Je suis desolee ne parler ou ecrit pas en francais. Je suis un developpeur seulement.

I spoke in English about the new features in PostgreSQL 10 regarding Replication & Recovery. All very well received by a large technical audience. Logical replication, physical replication improvements, quorum commit, replication lag measurement and a ton of fine detailed improvements.

No slides, sorry. Come to the conferences! Meet people, hear their stories and share yours.

I travelled to Paris through London on a day of public murders that made news headlines worldwide. I’m very pleased to see great responses to these events. #WeAreNotAfraid – I walk through both London and Paris with my head high, savouring the freedom we enjoy. Visitors should note that these places are safe, buzzing and unrestricted; you are in more danger simply crossing the road in any city than you are here from these events. There is no need to restrict your travel plans, no need to be afraid and no need to overreact, especially against specific ethnic groups or religions. Ignorance and fear can be cured by patience and education via publishing balanced and unbiased information.

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