Working Together to create an Open Source World

Last week, 2ndQuadrant‘s Gabriele Bartolini was privileged to speak at IBM Italia’s
Open Innovation event in Milan, Italy. At this event, IBM highlighted the strengths
of open source such as flexibility, continuous innovation, and a collaborative community.
With the impact of open source growing rapidly on business decisions, members ofGabrieleBartolini_IBMOpenInnovation
the open source and PostgreSQL communities are working together to educate and empower the growth of this movement.

Gabriele not only shared the unique 2ndQuadrant experience of open source and PostgreSQL but gave an overview of the global community that is PostgreSQL.
Gabriele explained how a free and open license, combined with innovation and
progression are all positive aspects of migrating to PostgreSQL while still
maintaining business continuity. Another great aspect of migrating to PostgreSQL is
that it can also dramatically reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a database solution!

To learn more about PostgreSQL and its features, check out some of the other
articles on the 2ndQuadrant blog or have a look at the PostgreSQL website!

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