Report from DatabaseCamp, NYC

Just got back from extended trip to Database.Camp – Sunday, July 10, 2016 – at the UN in NYC – Totally Free!

Wide range of presentations from CTOs/CEOs from across the database software world, with about 200 attendees, slightly more people earlier in the day.

Very happy to report we had 3 presentations covering different aspects of PostgreSQL
* EnterpriseDB – Ed Boyajian – Building Postgres Ecosystems
* 2ndQuadrant – Simon Riggs – PostgreSQL: The Next 10 Years
* CartoDB – Javier de la Torre – Celebrating PostgreSQL and demonstrating execellent data visualizations

I don’t think any attendee would have missed the fact that 3 companies spoke about Postgres, whereas all other technologies were discussed only once. I noted that when asked “Do you use database X?”, more attendees hands went up for Postgres than any other. Also very happy to report that our talks interlocked nicely with one another, showing attendees that we can work together as a community.

Best talk of the day was Minerva Tantoco, CTO for the City of New York. Engaging, entertaining and greatly encouraging to see technology being adopted for the public good. Free Wifi in JFK would be nice… but looks like its coming across the whole of NYC, which will really change what is possible.

Well worth attending if they hold it again next year. Congrats to Eric for arranging, and making it for a good cause: Techie Youth.

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