Kanban & devops culture at 2ndQuadrant – Part 1

We very often hear about devops culture, lean and agile methodologies, kanban, pair programming, peer review, testing, and many more; but how many of us could effectively put these things into practice?

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part three)

In the second part of the Automating Barman with Puppet series we configured, via Puppet, two virtual machines: a PostgreSQL server and a Barman server to back it up. However, human intervention was required to perform the SSH key exchange and most of the manifest was written to allow the servers to access each other. […]

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part two)

In the first part of this article we configured Vagrant to execute two Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr virtual machines, respectively called pg and backup. In this second part we will look at how to use Puppet to set up and configure a PostgreSQL server on pg and back it up via Barman from the backup […]

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part one)

This is not the first time that 2ndQuadrant has looked at Puppet. Gabriele Bartolini has already written an article in two parts on how to rapidly configure a PostgreSQL server through Puppet and Vagrant, accompanied by the release of the code used in the example on GitHub (

Managing PostgreSQL in a devops environment

With every new release, PostgreSQL gets better at addressing the needs of developers, database and system administrators. If you are part of a dynamic business that delivers high quality products or services, Postgres is a candidate technology for managing your databases (in case you have any).

Postgres and devops: testing 9.3 with Vagrant and Puppet – part two

In a previous blog post, I have gone through the steps of setting up a basic CentOS 6.4 64bit Linux distribution using Vagrant on your Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Linux. We will continue digging in the devops culture/movement and finally setup PostgreSQL 9.3 using Puppet in a local virtual machine.

Postgres and devops: testing 9.3 with Vagrant and Puppet – part one

My top #1 open source tool that I have discovered in the last year is definitely Vagrant. Vagrant is a software that helps you build and configure virtual environments for development and testing purposes. Vagrant relies on virtual machine providers such as VirtualBox, VMWare and AWS, as well as provisioning tools such as Chef and […]