PostgreSQL 10 Roadmap

At the PostgreSQL developer meeting we discussed putting up everybody’s roadmap projects in one place:

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Roadmap Projects

Logical Replication

  • Use Case: Upgrade
  • Use Case: Partial database replication
  • Aiming for a full and complete implementation for 10.0, allowing other use cases to be supported in later releases.

Column Storage & Executor Efficiency

  • Indexes
  • Columnar Indexes (for Column Store)
  • Parallel BRIN scan
  • Row insertion using index (BRIN)
  • HOT optimizations

Optimizer & Statistics

Our calculations suggest that more statistics will help query planning.

Transactions & Programmability

  • Procedures
  • Autonomous Transactions

Management features for Replication & Backup

  • Bring recovery.conf parameters into postgresql.conf, since it’s v10.0 next
  • Allow snapshots on standby servers, allowing parallel backup etc..

Locking & Data Availability

  • Further lock reductions for DDL

Distributed Systems

  • Node Registry
  • Feeding back from Postgres-XL into Core Postgres

Various other projects as well.

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  1. Antti Haapala
    Antti Haapala says:

    Of the statistics, cross-column statistics are a must, seems that most of the competition is light years ahead there; it would be OK if they need to be manually indicated; currently there is no obvious ways of overcoming this except by doing composite keys or join tables (which, while inefficient, are often faster by many factors than blind join using correlating keys).

  2. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Why will recovery.conf Stuff be moved to the postgresql.conf? I love the way it is right now as you can keep the postgresql.conf exactly the same on all recovery Databases…

  3. Tuomas
    Tuomas says:

    Is there any link to article about “Row insertion using index (BRIN)” – it sounds the next best thing to online reorganize and sliced bread..


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