PostgreSQL Solutions Roadmap

In a recent blog, I described features for PostgreSQL Core that we’ve been working on

Many people have asked for a similar roadmap for BDR and Postgres-XL. I can confirm that both are under active development and in active use.

Postgres-XL (link)

  • XL 9.5 v1.2 is now available, with more updates coming.
  • XL 9.6 has begun development work, together with active consideration of how to merge parts of that back into Postgres Core and/or minimize the overall set of changes.

BDR (link)

  • BDR 9.4 v0.9.3 is current version. We’re continuing to work on BDR 9.4 and will be publishing v1.0 sometime soon
  • BDR 9.6 is the next objective.
  • We’re also working to merge Logical Replication into PostgreSQL 10 and hopefully the rest of BDR functionality into PostgreSQL 10 or 11.

More details on the contents of those releases will be available separately.

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