PostgreSQL Buildfarm Client Release 8

I have just release version 8 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client

It can be downloaded from or

This release contains a number of small changes to make using the --from-source feature a bit nicer. It also contains a good deal of code cleanup to be perlcritic clean, with some exceptions, down to severity level 3, and also to remove some out of date code that referred to Postgresql branches we no longer support.

It also contains the following features:

  • --tests and --schedule now apply to the check step as well as the installcheck step
  • a new --delay-check switch delays the check step until after install. This helps work around a bug or lack of capacity w.r.t. LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Alpine Linux
  • if the environment value BFLIB exists it is added to the perl search path. That means it is possible to install the top level scripts separately from the support modules.


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