PostgreSQL and the Platinum Guarantee

2ndQuadrant experts have recently fixed a bug in PostgreSQL, outstanding since the 9.3 release, that causes Free Space Map (FSM) corruption, resulting in INSERT/UPDATE queries to fail on the affected table. More details here. The fix will be included in maintenance releases for PostgreSQL due in next quarter, but has already been released to 2ndQuadrant customers.

This is great news, and some seriously impressive sleuthing from 2ndQuadrant. Thank you for your persistence, it makes us realize our support fee is going to a good place. – Phil Scott from Cantab Capital

Scott is one of the people who suffered from this bug and has spent much time trying to find and resolve the problem himself.

2ndQuadrant provides support for PostgreSQL, but most importantly: we fix bugs. Our Platinum Support service provides an unmatched guarantee that we’ll fix serious problems. This bug was fixed by our team of experts within the 24-hour Service Level Agreement offered to our clients.

Unsurprisingly, 2ndQuadrant boasts a Net Promoter Score of 84.2, making us more popular than Apple, Netflix and Rackspace; not to mention putting us light years ahead of Microsoft and Oracle Support. We are quite proud of this achievement, considering we support hundreds of customers, thousands of servers, and trillions of bytes in production databases worldwide.

Think about this…

If you’re using PostgreSQL, but not a customer of 2ndQuadrant – what happens when you have a bug? Or worse – when your system fails?

Your cloud vendor or local partner will probably tell you to recover your system from a backup. In doing this, you’ll be relying on 2ndQuadrant technology, since the company pioneered Point In Time Recovery back in 2004. In the years since, we have subsequently released the most popular backup technology: Barman (Backup and Disaster Recovery Manager), which is one of the many tools developed and offered by 2ndQuadrant and released Open Source.

Not using PostgreSQL yet? Your data is worth more than you think, and we can prove it.

2ndQuadrant’s premier support for open source PostgreSQL is a success story in the provision of sustainable open source technology, supporting customers across industries and across continents. Dependable support provided by the people you trust. Local services are available worldwide and in multiple languages.

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