Break free from vendor lock in with Postgres

Postgres is the coolest database – Reason #3: No vendor lock-in

Break free from vendor lock in with Postgres

Break free from vendor lock in with Postgres

You buy a cool new technology for your organization in order to cut operational costs.

It works really well for you, and incrementally, your entire business starts to rely on this tech for its day to day operations.

You have successfully made it an essential component of your business.

There are some issues now and then, but what you are increasingly frustrated with is the vendor…
They don’t provide quality of service.
They don’t fix issues on time.
And to top it all, they jack up costs each year – and it’s really starting to hurt!

And yet you can’t leave – your business now relies on the tech and the cost of switching it out is way too high.

You’re trapped.

That’s vendor lock-in.

Vendor lock-in is never desirable for any organization, and if the lock-in is for a critical infrastructure component like your database, it can cause huge financial drains on your organization.

There is a pretty simple solution – PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL is an open source database governed by perhaps the most liberal license in the industry. There is a tremendous advantage of PostgreSQL: you don’t get locked into a single vendor. There are many organizations that provide professional services for PostgreSQL; and rather than getting stuck with a single provider for your database, you can pick and choose based on the level of service you are satisfied with.

And here’s another thing – the vendors have to give you top quality of service, or else you will just get up and walk over to someone else 🙂

Reason #1: Developers love it!

Reason #2: The License

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