Postgres is the coolest database – Reason #3: No vendor lock-in

You buy a cool new technology for your organization in order to cut operational costs. It works really well for you, and incrementally, your entire business starts to rely on this tech for its day to day operations. You have successfully made it an essential component of your business. There are some issues now and […]

Postgres is the coolest database – Reason #2: The License

Legal documents = SCARY!! That’s the typical equation, and it’s true – except when it comes to PostgreSQL. Let me explain… I have been told by both prospects and clients, that when they sit down to negotiate terms with Oracle, they are faced with more lawyers than they have engineers. No wonder one shudders at […]

Postgres is the coolest database – Reason #1: Developers love it!

PostgreSQL has been my livelihood since 2004 – so I am naturally biased in its favor. I think it is the coolest piece of software on the planet, and I am not alone. DB-Engines See those 2 badges up there? That’s 2 years in a row. DB-Engines monitors a total of 343 databases and their […]

Using Java Database Interface (jDBI) with PostgreSQL

jDBI is designed to be the middle ground between high level ORMs like JPA & Hibernate on one hand and raw JDBC on the other. You can think of it as a layer of convenience on top of JDBC that is still at a lower level than ORMs. When working with JDBC, you are exposed […]

PGConf APAC 2018 – bigger & better each year

Last week saw the 3rd event in as many years in Singapore, and yet this time something was very different. For the last 2 years, we had been conducting the conference as a PostgreSQL track with FOSSASIA. This year, we were able to pull off an entirely independent, 2-day event completely focused on PostgreSQL! The event kicked […]

Using EclipseLink with PostgreSQL

1. Introduction EclipseLink was announced in 2008 as the JPA 2.0 implementation from the Eclipse Foundation. It is based on the TopLink project from which then Oracle contributed code to the EclipseLink project. The project delivers an open source runtime framework supporting the Java Persistence API standards. The EclipseLink project provides a proven, commercial quality […]

Using Java ORMs with PostgreSQL – MyBatis

In my previous blogs, I wrote about Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and Querydsl in detail, now I’m going to talk about MyBatis. While ORMs typically map Java objects to database tables (or vice versa), MyBatis takes a different approach by mapping Java methods to SQL statements. This gives you complete control over writing SQL and its […]

PostgreSQL 11 – Server-side Procedures (Part 2)

Transaction control in PL procedures A couple of months back, I wrote about how we now have the ability to write Stored Procedures in PostgreSQL. This post follows up on that and talks about the next step that was implemented: transaction control in PL procedures. The feature was committed on 22-Jan-2018. With this addition, you […]

PostgreSQL 11 – Server-side Procedures (Part 1)

Last week marked a rather big step in the PostgreSQL world that went largely unnoticed. Thanks to the work done by 2ndQuadrant contributors, we now have the ability to write Stored Procedures in PostgreSQL! (Ok, well not exactly now but we will have the ability once PostgreSQL 11 comes out) A procedure is essentially a […]

v10, The Best PostgreSQL Yet?

The short answer … Hell Yeah! The long answer lies in extensive improvements and the impressive new feature list that makes up this major release – which, by the way, changes the version scheme of PostgreSQL as well (more details on that here). This wiki page lists out, in detail, all the new features in […]