Webinar : Introduction to OmniDB [Follow Up]

A database management tool that simplifies what is complex and drives performance. OmniDB is one such tool with which you can connect to several different databases – including PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL and others.

2ndQuadrant recently hosted a webinar on this very topic: Introduction to OmniDB. The webinar was presented by OmniDB co-founders and PostgreSQL consultants at 2ndQuadrant, Rafael Castro & William Ivanski.

The recording of the webinar is now available here.

Questions that Rafael and William couldn’t respond to during the live webinar have been answered below.

Q1: There are other open source GUI tools around to manage PostgreSQL. Why are you investing efforts on a new tool?

A1: When OmniDB was created we wanted a web tool, and not all available tools offered this architecture. Also, as advanced SQL developers, we wanted fewer forms and more SQL templates. Finally, we also wanted the freedom to develop features that don’t exist in other tools, or existed but were unmaintained or not up-to-date, such as customizable monitoring dashboard, console tab and the debugger which now supports PG 11 procedures.

Q2: Currently it is not possible to import data from a file into a database. Do you plan to implement such feature?

A2: Yes, we will implement this soon. There will be an interface for the user to upload and configure data to be imported, and also in the Console Tab there will be a new \copy command.

Q3: Is it possible to view the query plan ?

A3: Yes, it is possible to view the query plan using the magnifying glass icons in the Query Tab. The first one will do an EXPLAIN, and the second an EXPLAIN ANALYZE. The output can be seen as a list or as a tree.

Q4: Is it possible to pass parameters in the EXPLAIN command ?

A4: You can always manually execute EXPLAIN with any parameters that you need. However, the graphical component to view the plan only allows EXPLAIN or EXPLAIN ANALYZE. We will investigate the possibility to make the EXPLAIN command customizable for the graphical component.

For any questions, comments, or feedback, please visit our website or send an email to [email protected]

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