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Choosing a PostgreSQL text search method

(This article is written with reference to PostgreSQL 9.3. If you’re using a newer version please check to make sure any limitations described remain in place.) PostgreSQL offers several tools for searching and pattern matching text. The challenge is choosing which to use for a job. There’s: LIKE and ILIKE SQL pattern matching; ~ and […]

Help us make a better PostgreSQL 9.3!

As interest in PostgreSQL grows, so does the rate at which new patches are proposed. To maintain the high level of quality in PostgreSQL it is important that all patches be checked and reviewed, so that what gets added to the codebase is good quality. Some of this evaluation requires a lot of expertise in […]

Simplifying compilation of PostgreSQL on Windows

As part of some internal continuous integration and testing work, I’ve put together some scripts to simplify the compilation of PostgreSQL on Windows. PostgreSQL its self is pretty easy to compile on Windows. You download and install ActiveState Perl and Visual Studio or the Microsoft Windows SDK, unpack a PostgreSQL source tree, copy config_default.pl to […]