Testers needed for proposed 9.3 SEPostgreSQL enhancements

SELinux / SEPostgreSQL users: There are some proposed improvements in the 2013-01 commitfest that might go into PostgreSQL 9.3 – but only if you help.

Interested users are needed to try out the following patches and report back with their experiences if you want to see these changes in 9.3:

The patches are:

Add a new event type of object_access_hook named OAT_POST_ALTER. This allows extensions to catch controls just after system catalogs are updated. Patch also adds sepgsql permission check capability on some ALTER commands, but not all.


This patch adds sepgsql support for permission checks equivalent
to the existing SCHEMA USE privilege:

This patch adds sepgsql support for permission checks almost
equivalent to the existing FUNCTION EXECUTE privilege:

This patch adds sepgsql the feature of name qualified creation label:

If you’re interested in SELinux, please glance at the discussion linked to in those patch entries, then grab a patch and try it out as per the reviewer guidelines:


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