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BDR 1.0

I’m pleased to say that we’ve just released Postgres-BDR 1.0, based on PostgreSQL 9.4.9. This release contains significant improvements to DDL replication locking, global sequences, documentation, performance, and more. It also removes the deprecated UDR component in favour of

PostgreSQL-based application performance: latency and hidden delays

If you’re trying to optimise the performance of your PostgreSQL-based application you’re probably focusing on the usual tools: EXPLAIN (BUFFERS, ANALYZE), pg_stat_statements, auto_explain, log_statement_min_duration, etc. Maybe you’re looking into lock contention with log_lock_waits, monitoring your checkpoint performance, etc too. But did you think about network latency? Gamers know about network latency, but did you think […]

Visual PostgreSQL debugging

Having recently been doing some debugging work where many watchpoints, conditional breakpoints etc were necessary I’d like to shout out to a really useful tool: The standalone CDT debugger. It’s part of the Eclipse project, but before you run screaming – it doesn’t require project setup or anything and it serves as a good GUI […]

Don’t set fsync=off if you want to keep your data

There are a lot of amazing features coming in PostgreSQL 9.6, but I’m personally very happy about a really small, simple one that helps close a long-standing user foot-gun. commit a31212b429cd3397fb3147b1a584ae33224454a6 Author: Robert Haas Date: Wed Apr 27 13:46:26 2016 -0400 Change postgresql.conf.sample to say that fsync=off will corrupt data. Discussion: [email protected] Per a suggestion […]

Failover slots for PostgreSQL

Logical decoding and logical replication is getting more attention in the PostgreSQL world. This means we need it working well alongside production HA systems – and it turns out there’s a problem there. Replication slots are not themselves synced to physical replicas so you can’t continue to use a slot after a master failure results […]

Emulating row security in PostgreSQL 9.4

PostgreSQL 9.5 adds declarative row security. You can declare policies on tables and have them enforced automatically – for example, allowing user joe to only see rows with the owner column equal to joe. This is a great feature, and it’s been a long time coming. It didn’t make it into PostgreSQL 9.4, but automatically […]