Italian PGDay, eighth edition: over 120 attendees!

November 7th 2014 was the eighth Italian PostgreSQL Day, the national event dedicated to the promotion of the world’s most advanced open source database. The Italian edition is one of the most enduring in the whole Postgres community (the first one took place in July 2007) and the results of the activity of a very […]

79 real attendees at the Italian PGDay

The sixth edition of the Italian PGDay took place in Prato at the Monash University Centre last Friday, November 23rd. As president of the Italian PostgreSQL Users Group (most likely for the last time) and host of Prato, I had the pleasure to open the event and welcome all the attendees – coming from 11 […]

Call for papers for PGDay.IT has been extended

The new deadline for submitting a paper for the 6th edition of the Italian PGDay is October 7. International speakers are more than welcome to submit their proposal through the “International call for papers” section of the website. In the submission, we suggest international speakers to specify their travel expenses – as organisers we will […]

PGDay.IT 2011 was “bellissimo”!

The fifth edition of the Italian PGDay went well beyond our initial expectations. We had about 75 participants, a total of 95 people including staff and speakers.As I said during the event, rather than PGDay Italy, this should be named PGDay for Italian speakers given the presence of staff from Switzerland (Canton Ticino). Participants came […]