On the usefulness of expression indexes

When teaching PostgreSQL trainings, both on basics and advanced topics, I often find out the attendees have very little idea how powerful the expression indexes may be (if they are aware of them at all). So let me give you a brief overview. So, let’s say we have a table, with a range of timestamps […]

JSONB type performance in PostgreSQL 9.4

The 9.4 version of PostgreSQL introduces the JSONB data type, a specialised representation of the JSON data, allowing PostgreSQL to be competitive in managing the “lingua franca” of the moment for the exchange of data via web services. It is useful to perform a number of tests to verify its actual performance.

NoSQL with PostgreSQL 9.4 and JSONB

The introduction of the JSONB data type in PostgreSQL, definitely makes the “NoSQL” side of this relational DBMS come out: this introduction meets the requirements of all those who prefer a data structure in a “key-value” array, dictionary style (widely used in the field of development) and, at the same time, ensures all the advantages […]