PG Phriday: Getting RAD with Docker [Part 4]

PgBouncer is a popular proxy and pooling layer for Postgres. It’s extremely common to reconfigure PgBouncer with repmgr so it always directs connections to the current primary node. It just so happens our emerging Docker stack could use such a component. In our last article, we combined Postgres with repmgr to build a Docker container […]

PG Phriday: Getting RAD with Docker [Part 3]

Building an Immortal Cluster By now we’ve learned about basic Postgres Docker usage and rudimentary clustering. For the uninitiated, constructing a Postgres cluster can be a daunting task, and we’ve greatly simplified the process. So why don’t we take the next logical step and use Docker to deploy a cluster that is effectively immortal as […]

Managing useful clusters with repmgr

To create a standby in PostgreSQL is relatively easy, and because of the hot standby feature, that alone is certainly very useful. But creating a useful cluster that gives us real HA… that’s another story. The complexities added by failure detection, STONITH rules and choosing a new master could be overwhelming. But still, it is […]