Road test your patch in one command

If you have Docker installed on your development machine, there is a simple way to road test your code using the buildfarm client, in a nicely contained environment.

These preparatory steps only need to be done once. First clone the repository that has the required container definitions:

git clone bf-docker

Then build a container image to run the command (in this example we use the file based on Fedora 28):

cd bf-docker
docker build --rm=true -t bf-f28 -f Dockerfile.fedora-28 .

Make a directory to contain all the build artefacts:

mkdir buildroot-f28

That’s all the preparation required. Now you can road test your code with this command:

docker run -v buildroot-f28:/app/buildroot \
  -v /path/to/postgres/source:/app/pgsrc bf-f28 \ --config=build-fromsource.conf

The config file can be customized if required, but this is a pretty simple way to get started.

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