PostgreSQL agent in SQL Standard committee again

By always having Peter E. in background I am active in SQL Standard (ISO/IEC 9075) committee since 2008.

The membership expired after I switched companies.

I got the pleasant news today morning that the German office of my new company extended the membership.

This means – I will be PostgreSQL agent in SQL Standard committee again for the next 12 months.

And this time – 100% PostgreSQL. My company has no interests to force me to represent others then PostgreSQL.

To be exact:

DIN is the institute for standardisation in Germany (similar to ANSI in USA or BSI in UK).
My company (the office in Germany) got member of DIN for me. Thank you for supporting this.

Means I will represent PostgreSQL in DIN and officially I will represent Germany on international level.

On international level (ISO) every country has a single vote – so it doesn’t matter if you act from Germany, USA or even Timbuktu.

Being in a smaller country like Germany has lots of advantages. Besides that Germany is very open to Open Source.


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