PostgreSQL Buildfarm Client Release 10

Announcing Release 10 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client

Principal feature: support for non-standard repositories:

  • support multi-element branch names, such as “dev/featurename” or “bug/ticket_number/branchname”
  • provide a get_branches() method in SCM module
  • support regular expression branches of interest. This is matched against the list of available branches
  • prune branches when doing git fetch.

This feature and some server side changes will be explored in detail in my presentation at pgCon in Ottawa next month. The feature doesn’t affect owners of animals in our normal public Build Farm. However, the items below are of use to them.

Other features/ behaviour changes:

  • support for testing cross version upgrade extended back to 9.2
  • support for core Postgres changes:
    • extended support for USE_MODULE_DB
    • new extra_float_digits regime
    • removal of user table oid support
    • removal of abstime and friends
    • changed log file locations
  • don’t search for valgrind messages unless valgrind is configured
  • make detection of when NO_TEMP_INSTALL is allowed more bulletproof

There are also various minor bug fixes and code improvements.

The release can be downloaded from or

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