PGDay.IT 2016 in Prato, Italy

img_6093-jpgThis year, the ITPUG (Italian Postgres User Group) organized PGDay in Prato, my hometown and city where the association was born, although most of the members are from outside of the Tuscany region.

It was my pleasure to contribute to the community by sharing my professional experience. I gave a talk about PostgreSQL on Network File System, a research based on crash tests to prove reliability using PostgreSQL on NFS. Sharing my PostgreSQL experience with the participants was useful and pleasant.

During the event, I had the chance to attend the talk about tools for upgrading Postgres between major releases given by Denis Gasparin; and the one about ULSS’s (Regional Healthcare System) migration to Open Source, given by Giorgio Roncolato, proving that more institutions than we thought are ready to embrace this philosophy.

I can’t forget to mention the animated talks of Mladen Marinovic, in which he was able to warn us about the importance of testing and code review, in a fun way.

These kinds of events are valuable moments for sharing knowledge, thanks to the discussions that start after talks, and during social networking moments.

PGDay gave me the opportunity to make new friendships and strengthen the old ones. The day ended with an aperitivo that allowed people to exchange opinions, and extended the stay of some participants.

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