Keen on Kanban? The 5432…MeetUs! Conference can teach you everything you need to know!

Keynote speakers are always something everyone looks forward to at conferences.  We’re particularly looking forward to seeing Dragos Dumitriu team up with our very own Gabriele Bartolini at the 5432…MeetUs! conference in Milan, Italy June 28 and 29.

Dragos Dumitriu is an industry leader in the Agile community and renowned Kanban expert – helping to improve organisational efficiency in teams since 2004. 2ndQuadrant Italia has had a great friendship with Dragos since 2013 and will host him as a keynote speaker at the second edition of the 5432…MeetUs! conference. Dragos and Gabriele will discuss lean and Kanban in human enterprise environments, using 2ndQuadrant Italia as a live case study.

In addition to his talk, Dragos will host a certified Kanban training in the days after the conference.  

Learn more about Dragos and his training here!

We will be there! Have you registered for the conference yet?


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