It’s a long way to Melbourne if you want to rock ‘n’ roll with Postgres!

That’s right. Melbourne will be hosting the first Australian PostgreSQL Day, on February 4.

The momentum continues as PGDay national events now expand to include the Asia Pacific region. Australia joins the long list of countries which have embraced the Community spirit that is the fundamental principle of the PostgreSQL project: Brasil, China, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, UK, USA, Japan, Holland, Czech Republic, …

I chose an AC/DC song title because not only they are an Australian band, one of the greatest of all times in fact, but they also named a lane way in Melbourne after them.

The event has been organised thanks to Jason Godden from the Melbourne PostgreSQL Users Group and will be hosted by Experian Hitwise in St Kilda Road. It will be a special location for me as I have had the pleasure to work for Hitwise.

I will be presenting two talks regarding PostgreSQL. Even though the schedule has not been decided yet, my intention is to have a general talk about the PostgreSQL Project in the morning and another one about disaster recovery and high availability of Postgres databases in business critical environments.

The event is free of charge but requires registration.

Cheers, mate. See you there!

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  1. mfg
    mfg says:

    Have a good PGDay over there!
    As a national PGDay partecipant I’m happy to hear that now we are able to share our experience with people coming from that fantastic region.


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