Using Greenplum 4.1 in Ubuntu 11.10

Greenplum does not officially support Ubuntu Server 11.10 as underlying operating system.
However, I needed to install it on the most recent Ubuntu server just to perform some tests and evaluate it.

## Some words on Ubuntu Server
Ubuntu Server is increasing its popularity every day.
Solutions like *Canonical Landcape* are getting more and more fans.
In my case, I have to perform some tests with Greenplum and I have an Ubuntu Server available.
I am not doing this for a production environment and I do not advice you to use Greenplum on Ubuntu on production systems.
EMC does not officially support Ubuntu, and that should suffice.
## Greenplum on Ubuntu, a quick and dirty approach
Assuming that you have an Ubuntu 11.10 Server up and running (64 bit version), here are some tips to install Greenplum 4.1.
Greenplum installation script checks if you are running a CentOS operating system thanks to the presence of /etc/redhat-release file.
Let’s create that file on our Ubuntu Server, specifying a “fake” CentOS release:

echo "RedHat/CentOS" > /etc/redhat-release

Ok, that’s an horrible dirty hack, but let’s move on.
## The actual installation process
You can follow the [Greenplum 4.1.1 Installation Guide](, download it from the community site.
I have just tested a single node cluster.
## Conclusion
Greenplum does not support Ubuntu Server.
Please do not use Greenplum on Ubuntu Server for production environments, or if you wish so make sure you contact EMC.
However, this article shows how easy it is to install Greenplum on the latest Ubuntu server for evaluation purposes.

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