Inserting JSONB data in PostgreSQL 9.6

The `jsonb_insert` function brought in with PostgreSQL 9.6 gives more control when inserting new values into a jsonb array and/or new keys into a jsonb object. This article introduces this new function together with some examples.

JSONB and PostgreSQL 9.5: with even more powerful tools!

PostgreSQL 9.5 has introduced new JSONB functionalities, greatly improving its already present NoSQL characteristics. With the inclusion of new operators and functions, now it is possible to easily modify the JSONB data. In this article these new modifiers will be presented together with some examples of how to use them.

And Barman 1.6.0 is out!

Good news has come out to ensure your disaster recovery strategy is even better! Wait…what?! You don’t have a disaster recovery strategy?! No good, my friend, no good…