PostgreSQL User Group NL

Last week I was invited by the Dutch PostgreSQL User Group in Amsterdam to speak on PostgreSQL Administration Recipes. It was the first session of 2016, and the third since they started meeting last year. Using the simple format of a cooking recipe, I presented some techniques that a PostgreSQL DBA can use to solve […]

CTE and the Birthday Paradox

An interesting query has been twitted by Will Leinweber from Postgres Open: — this returns a different result each time it is ran with recursive s as ( select random() union select random() from s ) select count(*) from s; I like this example: a surprising result, which can be explained by (and indeed helps to explain) CTE […]

pgChess code published

I have been lucky enough to be invited at the marvellous 2012 conference in Stuttgart, which ended just yesterday. The topic of the first of my two talks has been a collection of PostgreSQL objects that play chess, either between themselves or against a human.

Some ideas about low-level resource pooling in PostgreSQL

Last week at the CHAR(10) conference we had a workshop on “Cloud Databases”. To put it simply: what to do when the use case requirements exceed the resources available in the database server. This was a main topic of the whole conference, and several solutions have been illustrated during the day. A common theme has […]