Announcing repmgr 2.0RC2

Version 2.0RC2 of repmgr, Replication Manager for PostgreSQL clusters, has been released. This release introduces a new experimental feature, autofailover. With autofailover repmgr is able to automatically promote a standby and let the other standbys follow the new master, without interaction of the DBA. It also adds a lot of bug fixes and several new features. Read the full announcement at

About repmgr

repmgr is a set of open source tools that helps DBAs and System administrators manage a cluster of PostgreSQL databases.

By taking advantage of the Hot Standby capability introduced in PostgreSQL 9, repmgr greatly simplifies the process of setting up and managing database with high availability and scalability requirements.

repmgr simplifies administration and daily management, enhances productivity and reduces the overall costs of a PostgreSQL cluster by:

  • monitoring the replication process;
  • allowing DBAs to issue high availability operations such as switch-overs and fail-overs

repmgr is production quality software and used widely across the world
with PostgreSQL. Many users rely on repmgr to maintain their
replication setups and as such we take new releases seriously and mark
the level of maturity as a guide for users. As repmgr 2.0 moves
towards production we continue to regard the autofailover feature as
currently in beta; we expect that to fully mature in the 2.1 release.

2ndQuadrant provides contract support for PostgreSQL that includes
both repmgr and the autofailover feature.

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