Announcing BDR RPMs for 9.4

RPMs for BDR (Bi-Directional Replication for PostgreSQL) are now available for testing. They contain BDR release 0.7.1, which is based on PostgreSQL 9.4beta2.

Because there may be an on-disk format change (catversion bump) before PostgreSQL 9.4.0 final, and because these RPMs are quite new, this should be considered a test release.

RPMs are available for CentOS 5, 6 & 7 and Fedora 19 & 20. The SRPMs are also published and available for inspection.

There are no Debian packages available yet.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please post to pgsql-general with “BDR” in the subject and appropriate details about your distro/version, or write to [email protected] .

All packages are signed by key 0x6E192B0E which is in turn signed by the official 2ndQuadrant packaging key.

I’d like to credit the PGDG RPM team in general, and Devrim GÜNDÜZ in particular, for the original RPM packaging work that these RPMs are based on. I’ve made a lot of changes, only a few of which are actually specific to BDR, but it would’ve all taken a lot longer without being able to start with the PGDG packages. I’m progressively contributing my non-BDR-specific improvements back to PGDG to make RPM packaging easier down the track.

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