100% PostgreSQL again

The time of being the PostgreSQL girl working for MySQL at Oracle is over now.

Simon Riggs from 2ndQuadrant offered me a job that I couldn’t resist.

So I closed the PostgreSQL embassy at Oracle/MySQL and come “home”.
I will be 100% PosgreSQL again.

Believe me, MySQL was the best “guest family” of the world and
I won’t miss a single second of the last almost 4 years but
it is a great feeling being “home” again.

Germany plead that I will stay active in SQL Standard committee.
Means nothing will change here during the upcoming quarter.

Besides the usual PostgreSQL services of course
one part of my new 2ndQuadrant job will be to help
with migrations from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

I have so deep knowledge about both systems that
I would be mad not helping users here.

But I have a too big open source heart to migrate users for all costs.
Getting happy user is most important to me.

When a user wants to get  away from Oracle/MySQL then of course
I always first will check if PostgreSQL will make the user happy or if
MariaDB might be the better choice.

If a user choice will be PostgreSQL then of course I not just only
will help with the migration and let the user alone with it after migration.
I will assist the user some more longer time –
helping him to get more familiar with PostgreSQL.
As I said before; Happy User is most important in my eyes.

100% PosgreSQL again also means that you will find me more often
again at the PostgreSQL channels on Freenode IRC.
It means that I will try to observe the important mailing lists again.
And additionally It means that I will get more active again in PostgreSQL
community and of course help with PostgreSQL booths and so on.

The next open source event I planned to visit is FOSDEM in Brussels.

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